The Americas: Heading South

A Motorcycle Diary

5/6/7 July 2019

07 Jul

Its been 2 years since Max and I left the bike parked up in Seattle. Today (5 July), Max and I came back to Seattle pick up the bike(s!) and to continue our journey. We arrived at 11h30 and suffered the usual bout of jet lag. We had big plans of going for dinner and a movie before falling asleep at 1800 and waking up at 04h00!

This time, we have decided to head up into Canada to Lake Louise before heading back south into Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. We collected the bike from BMW Seattle after her usual service and departed Seattle for Vancouver on Sunday the 7th on a beautiful cool morning. Riding my old air cooled 2010 always takes a little getting used to after having become accustomed to the more modern liquid cooled version I have in London, that said, within the first few miles the old familiarity sets in and she just never misses a beat. Still one of the best bikes I have ever owned!


Our short ride to Vancouver which included a 5 minute stop at the Canadian border. Incredible efficiency!

Fortunately, todays ride was a short 200km so we got into Vancouver with plenty of time to start exploring….until we fell asleep again at 1800! Party Animals!


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