The Americas: Heading South

A Motorcycle Diary


Its been nearly 2 years since I last wrote in the blog and suggested that I may start the trip to head south back to Buenos Aires. That time has now come.

Since Jacqui and I got off the bike in September 2013 life has been somewhat of a whirlwind…to say the least! Jacqui and I moved to London in October 2013, Started the UK business of Griffin, got married in April 2014, had a beautiful daughter called Sasha in October 2014, and have continued to move around the globe like maniacal people on a mission to squeeze every drop of life out of the 90 odd years that are afforded to us!!

In September 2013, when Jax and I got off the bike (and needed cosmetic ass surgery), I swore it would be a long time before I could be lured back on! Unfortunately, this stuff is in ones blood and the calling of the road is strong. On the 13th of June 2015 I start the first of what will hopefully be four or five trips spread over a few years to take the BMW back down to Buenos Aires and notwithstanding the dim memory of sore bodies, uncomfortable long stretches and dodgy accommodation and food, I am super excited to experience the freedom of the open road again.

On this leg, which will be to take the bike from New York to LA to position her to ultimately head back into Mexico and Central America, I will be doing it without Jacqui because Sasha is currently only 8 months old and notwithstanding much debate around her wellbeing in a sidecar, Jax put her foot down firmly!!…unreasonable! I know!! All is not lost though because my business partner and close friend Rupert Hackwill will be meeting me in New Orleans and will be riding with me to LA.

The BMW has for the last 2 years spent a very warm, safe and comfortable time in the basement of our good friends Al and Roma Connable in Long Island. Al was very sadly lost to us in 2014 but his memory remains strong. Roma, thank you for looking after our baby for all this time, she couldn’t have been in better hands anywhere.

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