The Americas: Heading South

A Motorcycle Diary

1 July 2017

01 Jul

As is customary with any jetlag, we were up at 04h00 unable to lie in bed anymore. We dressed, and went for breakfast at 06h30 as we were both excited about collecting the bike since its been 2 years since I last saw it.

We collected the fat girl from BMW Motorad San Diego at about 09h30. The bike had an extensive service due to the fact that there was a drive shaft seal leak which had developed some time over the last 2 years whilst she sat in storage, which meant that the bike had to be split in two! This resulted in a $3500 bill for service, tyres, brakes and repairs!! Not wishing to allow the eye watering service costs to dampen the spirit, we set off feeling elated about the upcoming trip and the fact that we were experiencing the wind in our faces again coupled with the anticipation of the upcoming adventure.

San Diego is a lovely town, albeit perhaps a little on the sleepy side insofar as American cities go. Saturday afternoon was spent considering where to get the best burger in San Diego. After some research, it was decided that we would head for FiveGuys, a popular and highly rated burger joint. Google maps showed one about 3 kilometres away so decided to take a stroll to see the city until we strolled right into Logan Heights, the worst part of town, and decided to hurriedly call for an uber as the surroundings started to look particularly worrisome and potentially threatening!! Safely ensconced in our Uber, we arrived at where Google maps said the burger joint was only to realise that this particular shop is set inside the restricted navy base that the public is not allowed access too!! An hour after we had initially set our sights on a FiveGuys burger, we were now determined to find one so a 20 minute uber schlep to the next closest shop on the other side of town, and there we were!! Well what to say, this blog is no food crit but FiveGuys you need to seriously up your game as we both felt nauseous and sick after a cheeseburger and some fries, and frankly would sooner have gone to McD’s, such was the disappointment!!

We had dinner reservations for Nobu that evening, needless to say, the combo of the FiveGuys stomach churn and the jetlag meant that we smashed some sushi, a beer and were out of Nobu in a record 30 minutes!!


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  1. Shampa

    July 3, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    It’s called -research ,research and more research to iron out travel flaws –
    Pity about Nobu
    Are you going to post maps ??