The Americas: Heading South

A Motorcycle Diary

30 June 2017

30 Jun

Max landed at Heathrow at 06h30. I was there to collect him for our “13h30” flight so we knew that we were in for a little bit of a wait. What I didn’t realise is that the flight was 3:30pm and not 13h30 as I had it in my mind so we spent the time browsing (not shopping as we have no carrier space on the bike) the multitude of the Terminal 5 stores.

The thing with an 11 hour flight west is that the flight is in a constant state of daytime which plays havoc with ones body clock. That time is wiled away sleeping, watching too many movies and eating too much aeroplane food, all of which add to a difficult jet lag recovery! We landed in San Diego at 8pm local time (5am body clock time) and we were both immediately hit with a second wind that lasted all of about 0.5 seconds and just enough time to check in at the Hard Rock Hotel, unpack and collapse in a heap.

IMG_0528  IMG_0530

Max and I are both excited about the upcoming trip and the opportunity to spend some time together catching up.


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  1. Shampa

    July 3, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    It’s good to have extra time to recover –Looking forward to entertaining blogs ??