The Americas 2013

A Motorcycle Diary


To say that the last two years since returning from Cairo have probably been the most difficult of my life, would be the understatement of the century!

Although the worlds economic landscape changed forever and this had an impact on us all, life threw a few other challenges my way in the form of divorce and mid life crisis…or perhaps the other way round! Those that have been through this know that it is an event that wouldn’t be wished upon ones worst enemy, however, turning 40, and experiencing what is arguably one of lifes greatest opportunities to grow up and man up isn’t without its maturing benefits.

The call of the road, and the clarity one obtains inside the Kevlar prison is an exercise in self discovery that I haven’t been able to replicate. The fact that this can be combined with my love for travel and that I can discover new places, cultures and people in a manner that just isn’t possible in any other form is a Godsend that has resulted in an absolute passion and thirst for trans-continental travel on two wheels.

And so, on the 4th of January 2013 I depart for Buenos Aires, Argentina with my Step Father, who will be doing the first of five legs with me as a birthday gift to celebrate his 60th which will take place on the 23rd of January. The total route will be to head south to Ushuaia, the southern most town in South America, then north to Prudhoe Bay, the northern most town in Alaska (accessible by road), and finally to cross Canada and finish in New York, USA.

This trip will take a total of 6 to 7 months but will be split into 5 legs that will include periods of 10 days to 2 weeks whereby I will return home every 30 days or so to see family, friends, dog, home and business. I will be accompanied on Legs 2 and 3 by my partner, and hopefully some friends and family on legs 4 and 5, time commitments allowing.

This website in the Category called “the Americas 2013” has route maps and details in the section called “route” and in addition to daily updates and pics (where possible) you will be able to follow our live progress on the “where are we now page”.

Much like my trip to Cairo, I will once again be supporting the amazing Charity, Afrikka Tikkun. In 2010 we managed to raise in excess of R500,000 and I wrote the following about them then, and the same still applies today…”Being fortunate enough to have this opportunity for ourselves, we have decided to support an unbelievable charity with an attempt to raise funds for Afrika Tikkun who as part of their own ethos provides the opportunity to fulfill dreams to those less fortunate.
Many of us have the means and wherewithal to undertake the dreams we want but elect to choose otherwise, many however, do not and that is the purpose of this plea. Afrika Tikkun ( http://afrikatikkun.org/ ) is a South African non governmental, non profit charity organisation run by the Lubner family that in essence does just that; re-provide the possibility to dream and to create the possibility of turning those dreams into a reality.
Unlike many pleas of this nature, I am not looking for any kind of sponsorship for my trip, but I am looking for your donation regardless of its size to Afrika Tikkun. Please pledge generously as this is a fantastic cause that will assist them to provide food, care, education, health and social services to those that are desperately in need

Please donate to this worthy cause and enjoy following the ride…

Rui Nobre
Cape Town
25 October 2012.

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