Cape to Malawi 2011

A Motorcycle Diary

29 August 2011

29 Aug

We left Senga Bay at 7am to leave Malawi and head to Tete in Mozambique. The day started with the usual magnificent countryside, sights, sounds and smells that is the norm when riding through Africa on a motorcycle…life is tough!

Once we had done the usual border procedure and headed into Mozambique, the skies opened and gave us all a good shower which was not great as Mozambique roads are materially worse than Malawian roads. Kids, animals and cars once again seem to rule the roads here with equal legal rights so riding through this country can be quite terrifying to say the least!

I started to feel cold/flu like symptoms soon after arriving in Mozambique which made the days ride unpleasant but one of those things which you just have to suck up and be a man about! To make matters worse, we arrived in Tete a lot sooner than anticipated and made a last minute decision (as we did last Friday) to press on to Chimoi instead of staying in Tete, thereby buying us an additional day in Vilanculos or Inhambane rather than spending the night in a run down peripheral African town. This led to a 900km day, which was tough to say the least because of people, animals, mountain roads and not feeling great.

The hotel in Chimoi was a welcome surprise, new, modern, clean and great service. I missed dinner and slept like the dead whereas the remaining guys had a meal and hit the sack after a few compulsory games of shweker!!!


Malawi Mozam border


The Boys!


On the road to Tete


Magnificent Baobabs wherever you go…


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