The Americas: Heading South

A Motorcycle Diary

13 July 2019

13 Jul

I know that this is an oft repeated statement, but its only because we always have the best of intentions(!); so although we had planned to leave the hotel by 0700 for a relatively long 525km run, our holiday slumber and the beers of the night before got the better of us!! Eventually, at about 11am, I hauled the fat girl out of the parking garage and Max and I loaded her up with lead in our feet. Fortunately, the day was cool, windless and cloudless so it made for effortless riding. The Gods must also have been smiling because our chosen route through Kootenay national park revealed one magnificent vista after the next for the bulk of our ride and we eventually got to Waterton Parks on the Canadian/US border at about 1700.


IMG_5737 IMG_5742

The local wildlife is particularly tame! Waterton Park hotel, where Jax and I stayed back in 2013 is still great with a great location set right on the lake.

It may be surprising to hear because the sense is that we are doing nothing but sitting on our fat asses all day however, long riding days take extreme physical toll on the body! Hours of sitting in an upright position absolutely hammer the shoulders, back, core and yes, the ass too! As I get older, and because I have no intention of giving up long distance RTW riding, the prospects of cosmetic ass surgery is definitely something I am going to start considering, particularly after the less than flattering remarks made by my 18 year old snot nose!


All of that said, Max and I are having an incredible time together. Some nights we just crash, others we sit up late into the evening playing chess, shooting the breeze, discussing motorcycles and imbibing on the local craft of wherever we may find ourselves. The voyage of touring and discovering, particularly when done on two wheels continues to be awesome, and the US feels like we could keep exploring for the next 10 years and still only have scratched the surface!


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  1. Pete Davies

    July 20, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Amazing experiences -some new,some going down memory lane — looks so wonderful 👍👍👍