Cape to Malawi 2011

A Motorcycle Diary

1 September 2011

01 Sep

We left Vilanculos at 7am to head towards Inhambane where we are staying the next 2 nights at a magnificent house right on a deserted beach owned by some friends of Shaun and Simon.The ride to Inhambane itself was largely uneventful other than for the usual magnificent surroundings however,on arrival at we encountered a very long very sandy road that was manageable but was also the first VERY close call for Iain who thus far had managed the entire trip largely without any incidents at all.

Riding behind Iain, I noted that he was doing everything that he should have been on this terrain, up on the pegs, looking up and accelerating smoothly and continuously through the deep sandy areas….a very deep sand patch however was obviously unanticipated by him and I watched his bike turn into a bucking bronco for a few seconds whilst holding my breath expecting Iain to hit the dirt with splendour!! Amazingly, he managed to keep the beast upright but the chain did pop off which led to an hour long roadside repair because the Yamaha 660 Tenere does not come with a 22mm socket to remove the back wheel????? go figure!!

Local help fortunately solved that problem and we were able to press on to our destination without any further incidents. We are here for 2 nights so no riding tomorrow.


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