The Americas: Heading South

A Motorcycle Diary

16/17 July 2019

17 Jul

The Beartooth Highway turned out to be everything we had read about, and then some. We got going relatively early and like all of the “Scenic byways” and “All American roads” this one was no less dramatic. Being the middle of summer however, what was not expected was just how cold it was when we peaked in altitude at some 3300m and we weren’t dressed appropriately in our summer riding gear. Although we only had some 350km to do the day was super slow again due to speed limits and traffic.


IMG_5776 IMG_5768


Our days ride…



So cold that Max shrunk…



IMG_5806 IMG_5819

IMG_5814 IMG_5822

We are spending the next two nights at the beautiful Amangani Hotel just outside Jackson in Wyoming so we will be exploring Jackson and generally getting some rest.


IMG_1299 IMG_5828

The Tradition (Incl having Max Kick my ass) Continues….


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